Amsterdam DC Emergency Maintenance - ID 19216625 - 1st July 2015 22:00

As a follow up to the maintenance 17974281 of 5-May-2015, our Datacenter have been working with the vendor and have come with a maintenance plan to restore full redundancy to network routing hardware in our Amsterdam Datacenter.  Unfortunately this maintenance will cause a disruption to frontend public traffic.  The maintenance window for ... Read More »

25th Jun 2015
Emergency Maintenance - 24th February 2014

Data Center: London, UKThe company that runs one of our UK datacentres is carrying out a major upgrade of the power systems, installing three new UPS and a new generator.The cut-over to the new systems will take place between 2.00 am (GMT) and 7.00 am (GMT) on Monday 24th February 2014. It will be necessary to cut power for a period of time during ... Read More »

21st Feb 2014
Scheduled Maintenance - 4th April 2013 - Washington DC

Network Engineers, working in tandem with the hardware vendor, have identified an issue on customer routers which provides connectivity to our servers in the Washington DC data center and back-end services. To prevent an unplanned outage resulting in significant downtime, Engineers will be performing firmware upgrades during a scheduled ... Read More »

21st Feb 2013
Network Maintenance - June 15th 2011 - US Shared Hosting Servers

========================================= Scheduled Maintenance - WDC01 Aggregate Switches [06/15/2011] Date: Wednesday, June 15, 2011 (06/15/2011) Start Time: 12:01 AM EDT End Time: 05:01 AM EDT Services affected: Public and Private Network Connectivity Location: WDC01 Duration: 5 hours ================================================== ... Read More »

8th Jun 2011
New TLD Extensions Available - .DE & .ES

CreativHOST is pleased to announce the addition of two new TLD's to it's domain name offerings. Starting today, 21st of April 2011, clients will be able to register .DE (Germany) & .ES (Spain) top-level domain extensions for $8.99 (per year) & $9.99 (per year) respectively. To secure your .DE or .ES domain extension, simply visit the ... Read More »

21st Apr 2011
Washington, DC - Scheduled Data Center Maintenance - 25th April 2011

Date: Monday, April 25, 2011 (25/04/2011)Start Time: 12:00 AM EST (04:00 AM GMT)End Time: 02:00 AM EST (06:00 AM GMT)Services affected: Public Network ConnectivityLocation: Washington, DCDuration: 2 hours==================================================* Scheduled Data Center Maintenance *SoftLayer Engineers along with Cisco TAC have identified ... Read More »

7th Apr 2011
Washington DC - Short Notice Maintenance - 16th January 2011

Date: Sunday, January 16, 2011 (01/16/2011)Start Time: 01:00 AM EST (06:00 AM GMT)End Time: 04:00 AM EST (09:00 AM GMT)Services affected: Public Network ConnectivityLocation: Washington, DCDuration: 3 hours==================================================* Short Notice Maintenance *Our data center engineers will be conducting maintenance on the ... Read More »

12th Jan 2011
Washington, DC - Private Network Maintenance - Sunday November 14, 2010

Scheduled Maintenance - Private Network Connectivity (WDC01 - Washington, DC) Sunday November 14, 2010 Start time (GMT+00:00): 07:00 AM End time (GMT+00:00): 09:00 AM Services affected: Private Network Location: WDC01 Duration: 2 hours ====================Engineers will be performing an IOS upgrade on network routing equipment as a continued ... Read More »

26th Oct 2010
Network & Hardware Maintenance - Atlanta VPS Services - October 31st 2010

DATE: 31st October 2010START TIME: 04:00 EST (GMT-4) ESTIMATED END TIME: 6:00 EST (GMT-4) SERVICES/EQUIPMENT: VPS Servers - Atlanta PURPOSE OF WORK: OS Support and Performance Optimization IMPACT OF WORK: Kernel Upgrade NOTES: We will be upgrading the kernel to the latest release. Assuming a clean reboot on the server the estimated down time will ... Read More »

25th Oct 2010
Network Maintenance - London - Monday 25th October 2010

On Monday 25th October we are performing some network maintenance between 16.30 and 18.30 (UK time).

If this work goes to plan customers should not notice any interruption to their service, however there is a possibility of a network interruption of up to one minute between these times.

23rd Oct 2010

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